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Frequently Asked Questions

Are All The Scents You Carry Essential Oils?

No, We Carry Fragrance Oils And Essential Oils.

How Do I Know If I Am Selecting An Essential Oil?

All Fragrance's That Are Essential Will State Essential Next To Them, When Selecting Your Scent.

What's The Difference Between Fragrance Oils And Essential Oils?

Fragrance Oils Are Manufactured Scents. They Are Artificially Created Fragrances And They Contain Artificial Substances. They Are Specifically Designed To Mimic The Scent Of A Natural Product Or Created To Invoke A Feeling.

An Essential Oil Is A Liquid That Is Generally Distilled From The Leaves, Stems, Flowers, Bark, Roots, Or Other Elements Of A Plant. The Chemical Composition And Aroma Of Essential Oils Can Provide Valuable Psychological And Physical Therapeutic Benefits.

How Do I Choice The Scents I Like?

It's A Very Simple Process. You Can Either Just Select One Scent Or If You Want A Combination Of Scents Mixed Together, You Should Narrow Down What Scent Category That Fits Your Personality Such As; Fruity, Citrus, Vanilla's, Floral, Spices, Botanicals, Musk, Designer Fragrances Or Fresh And Clean. The Website List A Selection Of Some Of The Top Selling Blends, However You Can Always Contact Any Of The Stores To Get The Top Selling Blends In Any Of The Categories Mentioned Above. You May Also, Request For Scent Samples To Be Sent To You.

Do I Need To Add Color To My Products?

You Don't Have To; You Can Always Leave Your Products Their Natural Color. It's Just An Added Creative Perk, Which Is Solely At Our Customer's Discretion.

Will The Colors Die My Skin?

No, All Sinfulicious Product Colors Are FDA Approved Cosmetic Dye's Therefore, Should Not Dye Your Skin.

What's Are The Overall Top Selling Products?

Our Top Selling Products Include But Are Not Limited To: The Mineral Body Scrub, Sunflower & Shea Oil, Pumpkin Body Mousse, Revitalizing Spa Soak, Spa Package, 40% Shea Butter, Pearl Body Wash Ultimate White Tea And Shea Shower Cream, And All Of Our Perfumes Are Very Popular.

What's The Difference Between Our Selections Of Body Moisturizer's?

All Of Our Moisturizer's Are Targeted For Different Skin Types. Our Coconut & Honey And Shea Baby Bliss, Is For Daily Use Designed For Aging And Dryer Skin. Pumpkin Body Mousse Is Designed For Daily Use, And Will Be More Beneficial Towards Combination Skin, It Will Work Wonders On Dry Or Normal Skin Types. Our Organic Spa Lotion Is Designed For Daily Use, It Is Our Lightest Body Moisturizer, Designed To Absorb Quickly, Without Leaving The Feeling Of Applying A Moisturizer, This Product Is Highly Suggested For Oily Skin Types. Our Organic Body Soufflé Can Be Used Daily, It's Geared More For Combination Skin Types. It Works Well After Sun Exposure, Seeing One Of It Main Ingredients Is Organic Aloe Vera.

What's Are The Top Selling Body Moisturizer's?

All Of Our Body Moisturizer's Sell Extremely Well. However, We Have Three That Are Staff Members And Customer's Personal Favorites. Pumpkin Body Mousse, Because Of All It Yummy Ingredients Such As; Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Papaya Enzyme, Green Tea Along With Several Anti-Aging Antioxidants. Our 40% Shea Butter, Is Loaded With Shea Butter And Vitamin E, This Product Is A Heavy Butter, Designed To Help With Extremely Dry Skin And Provide Healing To All Skin Types. Our Sunflower & Shea Oil Body Moisturizer Only Contains Sunflower And Shea Oil And Your Scent Selection. This Product Is A Super-food For Maintaining Healthy Skin. This Product Is Loaded With Natural Antioxidants, Deeply Moisturizing, Skin Strengthening, Skin Regenerating, Helps With Collagen Productions By Making The Skin Stronger And More Supple And Helps Heal Cuts And Burns.

Do You Recommend Buying The Mineral Body Scrub With The Sunflower & Shea Oil?

Yes, We Do. We Do Our Complimentary Hand Spa Treatments With Both Products Because They Meet And Exceed Our Customer's Expectations. The Mineral Body Scrub Will Get Rid Of All Those Dead Skin Cell's, Cleanse The Skin, Add Moisture To The Skin However The Sunflower & Shea Oil Will Leave Your Body Feeling Baby Soft And Moisturized Through Out The Day.

How Long Does The Mineral Body Scrub Last For?

The 16oz Mineral Body Scrub Will Last 4-6 Months, The 32oz Will Last 8-12 Months.

How Often Should I Use The Mineral Body Scrub?

You Should Use The Mineral Body Scrub, Once Two Twice A Week.

What's The Difference Between The Bubbling And Revitalizing Spa Soak?

The Bubbling Spa Soak Bubbles. The Revitalizing Spa Soak Adds Moisture To The Skin While Bathing, Not Allowing The Hot Water To Strip Your Skin Of Moisture.

What's The Difference Between Your Perfumes And Hydrating Body Spray?

The Perfumes Are Designed For Your Fragrance To Stay With You Through Out The Day. The Hydrating Body Spray Is A Lighter Spray. Ideal For Younger Children Or Adults, Looking To Smell Their Scent Without Other's Noticing Their Fragrance.

What's Massage Products Do You Provide?

Our Ultra Therapeutic Massage Cream Gives You A Long Lasting Glide And Is Infused With Arnica. What is Arnica? Arnica Is Naturally Extracted From A Plant. This Assists With Muscle Tension, Bruising And Swelling Giving You The Full Benefits Of An Enjoyable Massage. Another Excellent Option Is Our Massage Oil Made With Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil And Jojoba Oil. Leaving You Feeling Relaxed and Refreshed.

Why Do The Sales Associates And Mixologist Always Recommend The Spa Package?

The Spa Package Is Our Number One Selling Luxury Spa Treatment. Filled With Our Customers Favorite Products Allowing You To Bring The Spa Home At An Affordable Price. Pamper Daily And Start Each Day Feeling Rejuvenated And Each Night Regenerated.

I Am Buying The Spa Package As A Gift, How Should I Explain The Process.

All Gift Orders Come With Pamphlets Entailing How To Make Most Of Your Spa Package. For Your Convenience It Is Posted Below. You Can Also Find The Same Pamphlets In Store For Free As Well.

Spa Package Instructions:

Step 1

Revitalizing Spa Soak & Bubbling Soak: Fill Up A Hot Bath And Add 3 Tablespoons To The Tub Spout. Relax And Enjoy Your Spa Bath. For Bigger Tubs, Add Double The Amount.

Step 2

Body Wash's & Shower Gels: To Be Applied While In The Tub Or Shower And Rinsed Off. Use Daily.

Step 3

Mineral Body Scrub: Rub Into Your Skin, To Get Rid Of All Dead Skin Cells. Rinse Off. Excellent For Any/All Dry Area's Such As: Feet, Knees And Elbows. Recommended Usage: Twice Weekly. Can Be Used On The Face Once To Twice A Week. Use Prior To Shaving. Enjoy That Baby Soft Experience.

Step 4

Sunflower & Shea Oil: Can Be Used Daily. Right After Stepping Out Of The Shower/Bath Apply To Wet Skin. Lightly Towel Dry Once Applied All Over The Skin. Works Excellent Right After Using The Mineral Body Scrub. You Can Apply A Small Amount To A Hot Bath, For Added Moisture. Apply To Really Dry Area's At Night, To Fully Absorb Into The Skin, Through Out The Night.

Step 5

Body Creams & Moisturizers: To Be Applied After Using The Sunflower & Shea Oil, For Extra Moisture. Apply In The Morning And At Night.

Step 6

Perfumes: To Be Applied To Dry Skin, After Applying The Sunflower & Shea Oil And Daily Moisturizer. This Will Add A Long Lasting Fragrance To Your Day.

Are Your Products Paraben Free?

Yes, All Sinfulicious Products Are Paraben Free. As Well As With The Majority Of Other Lines We Carry. We Do Our Best To Ensure The Safety Of Products.

Are Your Products Organic?

Yes, All Sinfulicious Products Are Made With A Mixer Of Organic And Natural Ingredients. Driven From Nature.

Do You Sell Gift Certificates?

Yes, Sinfulicious Provides Easy Access To Online And In Store Gift Certificates.

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